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I’m going to sit on your head for a minute, k?

Jeff lounges on the dog

No dogs were harmed by giant cats in the filming of this blog post.


On a recent weekend there was lovely weather, and we took the cat herd outside.

Jeff sat around contentedly until his superhero hearing picked up a gopher digging across the yard. He scrabbled up through the grapevines, but alas was too late. He knows where the gopher holes are, though, and patrols them regularly.


Cats aren’t generally deep sleepers. They wake up instantly at the slightest disturbance, and even when they appear to be sleeping they are at least a little bit awake.

El Jefe, however, sometimes passes beyond sleep into a kind of mini-coma. He melts into the couch like a great orange puddle and snores. The Staff has petted, poked, and prodded him while he’s in that state, eliciting no reaction whatsoever. Once we trimmed all the points off his front claws and he still didn’t wake up. At all.

Here is a video of Jeff dreaming. He’s probably dreaming scenes of horrific carnage, but it’s quite cute anyway.

Jeff has a toy cigar full of top-quality catnip. Jeff loves his cigar.

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