Cats aren’t generally deep sleepers. They wake up instantly at the slightest disturbance, and even when they appear to be sleeping they are at least a little bit awake.

El Jefe, however, sometimes passes beyond sleep into a kind of mini-coma. He melts into the couch like a great orange puddle and snores. The Staff has petted, poked, and prodded him while he’s in that state, eliciting no reaction whatsoever. Once we trimmed all the points off his front claws and he still didn’t wake up. At all.

Here is a video of Jeff dreaming. He’s probably dreaming scenes of horrific carnage, but it’s quite cute anyway.


  1. Alicia

    Oh wow! I’m so glad you created this website! I’ve loved Jeff for a long, long time and have his original website bookmarked on my computer where I can see it every day so that I remembered to check it quite frequently. I’ve missed him SO much!! I have 6 giant orange cats that live in my backyard. (No, I’m not the Crazy Cat Lady (yet). I think I need to be at least 50 to earn the title.. that’s my theory anyway.) I love Jeff because he reminds me of Mama, Fatty, Peek-a-Boo, Shy Girl and the Twins!!

  2. Unisys

    hehe, jeff, i love ya ! best regards, unisys, switzerland

  3. C

    woohoo welcome back Jeff!

  4. Tony

    YES! El Jeffe Returns! Sleep tight, you’ll need your rest for the next kill!

  5. Jeanette

    Oh Jeff I’ve missed you so much and I’ve been worried about you! People at work ask me how you are and now I can tell them you are doing great. I’ll be watching!
    Jeanette, the crazy cat lady, New Hampshire

  6. Jazzmoth

    Hehe adorable. My cat not only twitches when he dreams, but he talks in his sleep. He meows, growls and chortles. It’s actually pretty disconcerting.

  7. eric

    Orange cats are very odd. Certainly more dog like, except for hunting, than cat like. Our 19 pound (although not fat, just big) “orange man” is a spitting immage of Jeff and has similar behavior(s). When he sleeps its: under the covers, snoring (all night) – nothing is going to wake him short of a bomb being detonated in the room.

  8. eric

    See comments above and here’s a link to our large orange cat photo

  9. kaycee(not stroh)

    i bet your staff didnt pull his tail or shake a bag of treats!

    i bet his dreams are inhabited by many ripe,juicy gophers being constantly devoured and munched by the great jeffs own masculine jaws as their blood drips onto his ready and ever-so-pink tongue…then *poof!*he realizes hes retired and has been declawed!well,no he knows what to hunt next!!

  10. kaycee(not stroh)

    …the staff!

  11. gork

    I enjoy your site. However, it’s curious that you call Jeff an orange cat. Looks to me like he’s really a Blonde Tabby cat (my mom used to have a blonde tabby that looked very much like Jeff (though probably smaller than El Jefe). We have a very big female Orange Tabby: Rita weighs about 13 pounds (very large for a female cat), and dwarfs our two other female cats, who are about 5-7 lbs. in weight. Keep up the good work with Jeff.

  12. gork

    By the way, how much does Jeff weigh? How tall at the shoulder? Just curious…

  13. Jenn

    Wow. Looks exactly like my own cat Vern. He’s a giant orange tabby as well (about 16lbs, large frame), and also turns into an undisturbed pile of cat.



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