On a recent weekend there was lovely weather, and we took the cat herd outside.

Jeff sat around contentedly until his superhero hearing picked up a gopher digging across the yard. He scrabbled up through the grapevines, but alas was too late. He knows where the gopher holes are, though, and patrols them regularly.


  1. martha

    Jeff looks healthy and happy. I love the big orange cat!

  2. Micah

    I have missed Jeff. I’m so glad he has a good home, and opportunities to roam under supervision. His adventures have added a certain “frisson” to my workday.

    Long live Jeff!

  3. Jane

    Jeff is looking healthy, happy and very well lunched. I’m pleased to see his return to the internet. Welcome back Jeff.

  4. McAuliflower

    darn- I was hoping for a gopher shot.

    I too have missed Jeff and am happy to see his plush self.

  5. C

    oooh, Jeff’s gained a few! sweet pics.

  6. adam

    jeff needs a bigger collar…poor biggums.

  7. irish-Al

    Jeff has entertained me and my wife for a long time now with his many adventures. We own a maine coon that is very similar in size and temperament to jeff so we are regular visitors to his site. We were worried some mischief had befallen him. Great to see him happy and healthy.



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