I’m going to sit on your head for a minute, k?

Jeff lounges on the dog

No dogs were harmed by giant cats in the filming of this blog post.

Jeff lounges on the dog

Jeff lounges on the dog


  1. Rich

    Wow, Jeff’s biggest kill yet. He sure does look content, though.

  2. Jane

    It’s good to see that Jeff has his world running exactly right, with all staff fully trained and obedient to his wishes. What a good dog to act as a heated Jeff-bed!

  3. Micah

    Jeff rules! Like many cats, Jeff appears to view non-food animals (like dogs or humans) as warm furniture. He’s got the life!

    Thanks for keeping Jeff’s fans apprised of his latest adventures. My own cats Molly and Sabra give Jeff a high five and tail twitch!

  4. Jeanette

    I don’t think this dog is “content.” I think he is frozen with fear, and rightfully so!

  5. Joy

    My Freddie Cat looks like Jeff with white boots! Like Jeff, Freddie had been “left behind” by his previous staff.

    Thanks for helping Freddie’s brother of a different mother to retire in luxury.

  6. kaycee(not stroh)

    poor puppy!bite him!

    no offense,jeff!

    it does look cuddly,though…
    can i sit on you if i make jeff get off???please?



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