If you need to find Jeff in the morning, he’ll be on the love seat directly aligned with the sunshine coming in through the picture window.

Jeff in sunshine

Jeff in sunshine


  1. Angela

    Thank you for bringing Jeff back. The world needs to know of his greatness!!!

  2. jane

    Jeff looks very stately in his sunny, semi-retirement. I hope the toaster sanctions worked and stout fencing has been put in place to repel the pretender.

  3. Phil

    As a cat lover who is not allowed to live with a cat because of my wife’s allergies, I live vicariously through Jeff The Giant Orange Cat. Thanks for bringing El Jefe back online. I’m looking forward to his indoor adventures.

  4. Jeanette

    I always need to find El Jefe in the morning. That’s how I start my day, that and Starbucks!

  5. Soccer Mom

    Glad that El Jefe is enjoying his retirement. I still need my Jeff fix in the mornings. I lost my big orange guy in January at the age of 17.

    Long live Jeff the Mighty!

  6. Roger

    I am just discovering the majesty that is Jeff. Thanks for offering up his exploits for our enjoyment!

  7. kaycee(not stroh)

    i start my day by yawning,falling down the stairs,screaming when i figure out im late for something(namely school) and cuddling my poor puppy i woke up in a rampage to get ready.i always later find out that i had nothing to do that day because it was actually saturday(and i also got up too early).jeff,do not follow my poor example!~



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