Hi, I see you are having a salad with dinner.

Jeff eats salad

Me too. *nom nom nom*

Jeff eats salad


  1. martha

    Perhaps Jeff is exploring vegetarianism???
    Love this bigorangecat!!!!

  2. Jeanette

    Poor Jeff, he’s getting desperate now! This is a cry for help!

  3. car

    he’s really big, huh?

  4. jane

    ..but where will he yack up the hair ball ?

  5. C

    one of my kitties has similar eating habits. loooves iceberg lettuce, raw potato peelings, and raw tomato. I’m convinced that the hippies that I got him from fed his mom a freaky diet.

  6. Patrick

    LOL. I love his nonchalant expression in the first photo. He knows he can help himself to human food anytime and it’s all good.

  7. kaycee(not stroh)

    LMAO!ive never seen anything but my english mastiff puppy eat salad!(that and my mom…)

  8. Jazzmoth

    My parents’ cat loves string beans (mostly for throwing around and killing), broccoli, tomatoes, tomato sauce, anything with cheese or barbeque sauce, and corn. Best part: he knows how to ask nicely for it. (He will gently place his paw on your elbow when you are eating the thing he wants.)

  9. Cupps

    Very PC Jeff. Has moving to the ‘burbs satiated your taste for rodent or are you living a healthier lifestyle? Remember, PETA stands for Pussycats Eating Tasty Animals. Viva la Jeff! Long Live the King.

  10. irish-Al

    I think Jeff is trying to lose a few pounds. Recent studies show that too many gophers in your diet can lead to health problems in later life 😉



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