Yeah, that sure was helpful.

Jeff makes the bed

Jeff makes the bed

Jeff makes the bed


  1. Micah

    Jeff has such lovely green eyes. I could get lost in them…..

  2. Jane

    Poor Jeff, it’s terrible that your staff are so ungrateful when you help with chores around the home. I sure hope they soon mend their ways 😉

  3. Roger

    Jeff is so under-appreciated. Here he is helping with the chores, and this is the thanks he gets?

    From what I can tell, that fitted sheet needed a good killing anyway.

  4. katy

    I was/am a fan of what Jeff killed – i love the new site. I’m glad you took Jeff with you and made him an official part of your family. Lucky cat.

  5. Tony

    Jeff was merely inspecting the bed sheet is of a high standard & quality before it is allowed to be used as his new bed-from the looks of it he is pleased.

  6. Jeanette

    This is your big chance to make toast!

  7. chris

    Jeff was merely checking the thread count of said sheets. Are they appropriate for shreading?



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