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Jeff hides

Jeff hides


  1. Rich

    It’s hard to believe he was ever a heartless killer.

  2. C


    love the tail between the legs.

  3. JeffTheAverageYellowAsian

    Ever considered putting up videos of Jeff on youtube? As big (and deadly) as Jeff seems, you seem to have a ton of cute moments of his caught on camera. He needs some videos!

  4. Micah

    Peek-a-Boo, sweetie! The placement of the tail is especially coy.

  5. Sarah

    I see his claw are at the ready. Beware the sleeping flesh-shredder.

  6. Roger

    Well, it is hard to enjoy your nap when the light is in your eyes. I understand Jeff…

  7. jane

    Jeff cannot see you but his velvety nose can. So please move along, Jeff needs his sleep. Thank you.

  8. Jeanette

    I’m with Sarah! Jeff is sleeping . . . with nails exposed? Things that make you go “hmmmmmmm”!

  9. Don Estorbo

    Led Jefe sleep: he ees tryeen’ to escabe his war creemeenal past…

    To the Staff: does El Jefe ebber ged to go oud thees days?

  10. Jazzmoth

    My cat was homeless for a while before we took him in, and he never retracts his claws all the way (OUCH!)… maybe its an outdoor/staffless cat type thing?



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