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I killed something.

Jeff’s leisurely outdoorsing has led to the invention of a new hunting method.

Passive hunting

We assume that by napping next to the gopher trap, Jeff plans to immediately alert everyone when the trap gets a gopher.

Passive hunting

Or not.

Passive hunting

The only thing better than Jeff is more Jeff.

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There are two facilities that Jeff the Ripper deems suitable to sharpen his doom talons upon:

Sharpening Jeff
1) Large tree

Sharpening Jeff
2) Railroad tie

A carpeted scratching post is conveniently located in the living room. Jeff does not acknowledge its woeful inadequacy.

One of Jeff’s most frequently used nicknames is “Bobcat.” This nickname originated in an incident involving Jeff happily kneading on Roommate while Roommate was in a pain medication-induced stupor, causing Roommate to claim later that “a bobcat came and made bread on my back.”

Today another bobcat showed up.

Bobcat Jeff


During excursions outside, Jeff adores digging and rolling in loose dirt. This tends to leave him feeling a bit gritty for the rest of the day. It would seem one can take the cat out of the dirt, but one cannot take the dirt out of the cat.

Dirty Jeff

Dirty Jeff

1) Get iPhone
2) Bring iPhone home, set up, port number
3) Gaze into marvelous device full of magic and wonder
4) Submit iPhone to El Jefe for inspection, with his own site displaying
5) Jeff doesn’t care

Even the mighty Steve Jobs doesn’t impress Jeff.

Jeff and iPhone


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