1) Get iPhone
2) Bring iPhone home, set up, port number
3) Gaze into marvelous device full of magic and wonder
4) Submit iPhone to El Jefe for inspection, with his own site displaying
5) Jeff doesn’t care

Even the mighty Steve Jobs doesn’t impress Jeff.

Jeff and iPhone


  1. Jane

    Look, if Jeff starts showing he cares about iPhones his staff are going to get complacent and stop making such grand efforts to entertain him. That would never do.

  2. Angela

    Could Jeff the Ripper be wondering how to kill the iPhone? Just asking.

  3. Sarah

    Does the iphone come with a complimentary baby sparrow shivering with fear or encased in rodent innards? If not, I’d agree with Jeff that it’s pretty lame.

  4. Jeanette

    Jeff is smart and he is obsorbing the data! Be careful what you store on there! He will know.

  5. Pete

    You cannot kill iPhone, nor eat iPhone. Nor will iPhone help you kill or eat anything. Jeff has focused interests.

  6. Roger

    Jeff sees your iPhone. It does not impress him. An offering of a fresh gopher or other small mammal shall assuage el Jefe’s anger.



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