During excursions outside, Jeff adores digging and rolling in loose dirt. This tends to leave him feeling a bit gritty for the rest of the day. It would seem one can take the cat out of the dirt, but one cannot take the dirt out of the cat.

Dirty Jeff

Dirty Jeff


  1. Angela

    Maybe the Great One wants a bubble bath? If so, and the staff complies, please document with photos.

  2. B. and The GCM

    Jeff, that dirty RockStar. Have a Great week Jeff.

  3. Jeanette

    Didn’t anybody ever see Preditor? El Jeffo has to cover himself with soil so when he goes after his prey they won’t even see him coming! Very clever!

  4. Jane

    I hope the dirt is suitably honoured to have Jeff roll his booty around on it. It certainly should be.

  5. Neil

    Incidentally, “Gritty Kitty” was Stimpy’s (of “Ren & Stimpy” fame) favorite brand of cat litter.

    Would El Jefe tolerate a brushing to eliminate his grittiness?

  6. adam

    I think in Jeff’s case…

    You can’t take the dirt out of the cat…
    You can’t take the cat out of the dirt (or he’ll eat your face)…



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