One of Jeff’s most frequently used nicknames is “Bobcat.” This nickname originated in an incident involving Jeff happily kneading on Roommate while Roommate was in a pain medication-induced stupor, causing Roommate to claim later that “a bobcat came and made bread on my back.”

Today another bobcat showed up.

Bobcat Jeff

Bobcat Jeff

Bobcat Jeff


  1. adam

    jeffy senior is not pleased.


    p.s. that bidness about a bobcat making bread on my back made my laugh for about 5 minutes.

  2. Micah

    Kneading Bobcat appears singularly unimpressed by vehicle bobcat. Jeff Rules!

  3. Jane

    Jeff is not worried, he knows he is the most handsome of the bobcats.

  4. Murrie

    Jeff, you’re the only bobcat in my heart. <3

  5. Neil

    I’m stunned he did not rise to this intruder’s challenge. Jeff’s supply of rodents will be disrupted by this other Bobcat’s actions.

  6. Roger

    El Jefe turns his back on the “imitation” bobcat. He farts in its general direction.

  7. C

    that first pic is brilliant! my pussies would have been in the house already.



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