There are two facilities that Jeff the Ripper deems suitable to sharpen his doom talons upon:

Sharpening Jeff
1) Large tree

Sharpening Jeff
2) Railroad tie

A carpeted scratching post is conveniently located in the living room. Jeff does not acknowledge its woeful inadequacy.


  1. Roger

    El Jefe desires for nature to feel the fury of his claws. The tree must suffer as his prey will suffer.

    An imitation will not be accepted.

  2. Jane

    Look, if you were Jeff The Claws of Death, you’d have a reputation to live up to. How tarnished would that reputation be, if you were seen sharpening your claws on a girly, carpeted scratching post?

  3. Murrie

    The first picture finally proves to me just how “giant” Jeff the Giant Orange Cat is.

    Jeff must be at least thrice the size of my cat.

    And she is too tomboy to use the carpet scratching post, too. :)

  4. Judie

    Too funny! We have an $800 scratching post that used to be known as our loveseat, it’s only a few months old and the poor thing is just a pile of threads. Their real scratching posts look brand new :)

  5. Don Estorbo

    Ah, si! Makeen’ scratcha! Ees also my fabourtee pass’time. Apard frarm sleepeen. An’ eateen’. An’ honteen’.

  6. steve

    yeah that gato has to stay in mode of readiness for the next kill. mine has the front claws taken off but he has adapted to using his rear talons to take down enemies in the same fashion a a Velociraptor.
    i think the orange on this predator cat helps to mask the blood it spills on himself when taking down prey.
    mine is a black and white tiger, most likely originating from the cold mountains of rock and snow. a pygmy snow leopard



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