Jeff’s leisurely outdoorsing has led to the invention of a new hunting method.

Passive hunting

We assume that by napping next to the gopher trap, Jeff plans to immediately alert everyone when the trap gets a gopher.

Passive hunting

Or not.

Passive hunting


  1. Susan

    It is no wonder the gopher trap lies empty. And in the last pic, Jeff has not become lazy, never – he is just feigning a nap so unsuspecting gopher will come his way. Clever, Jeff.

  2. jane

    Surely Jeff views the gopher trap as a retirement aid? An easy-kill retirement aid.

    Happy Easter Jeff and Staff! :)

  3. Mr. Nuts

    Jeff, man, what happened? They moved you, kept you indoors, and now you just lie there? What happend to the killing? The disembowling? And no offense, but you’ve put on some weight.

  4. Angela

    Passive hunting method=Fat Jeff! Still, incredibly handsome.

  5. Adam

    Jeffy Senior isn’t fat…he just has big cat bones. Pleasantly plump.



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