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It’s hot… but not too hot for killing.

Partial list of inappropriate and/or stolen things Jeff has eaten in the past week:

  1. Banana bread, bites of
  2. Taco, bites of
  3. Seared ahi tuna, sashimi grade, sesame seed crusted, slice of

» Shedderific   # 5

Jeff was shedding copiously after an afternoon outside. He doesn’t love being combed, but will sit around for a few minutes of it.

Jeff shedding

Jeff shedding
Obviously he’s aware of his visual appeal.

» Hide and seek   # 7

Jeff chased lizards all over the stone wall, but they had too many hiding places.

Jeff' chasing lizards

Jeff' chasing lizards

Spaghetti night again… this time we just gave him his own meatball.

Jeff's meatball

Jeff's meatball

Jeff's meatball

The Dark One is lurking nearby again. He is obviously a footsoldier of the apocalypse. I will stare at him with greatest intensity until his head explodes.

Jeff gives the stinkeye


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