The Dark One is lurking nearby again. He is obviously a footsoldier of the apocalypse. I will stare at him with greatest intensity until his head explodes.

Jeff gives the stinkeye


  1. jane

    Jeff, just make sure that the Staff are about and have a camera to hand when it happens.

  2. Angela

    Jeffy…PLEASE do not go to the darkside! WE need you here.

  3. Neil

    Señor Jefe, please show this intruder no mercy. Stalk, attack, maul, and eviscerate.

    Then post pictures. :)

  4. Roger

    The Dark One shall feel the wrath of Jefe… These are MY gophers…

  5. Adam

    GET ‘EM, JEFF!!!

  6. Jeanette

    You look tough El Jeffe – that intruder doesn’t stand a chance. And, yes, get pictures of the aftermath!



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