Spaghetti night again… this time we just gave him his own meatball.

Jeff's meatball

Jeff's meatball

Jeff's meatball


  1. jane

    Just the one meatball?

    Poor Jeff, that tail must be a swishin’ and a swishin’

  2. Angela

    When does Jeff get a cheezburger?

  3. eric

    Meatball breath is much better tha fish breath.

  4. a.

    The meatball’s remains resemble gopher gutz. Nom nom nom!

  5. E

    Why do I get the feeling that Rodents everywhere are praising the magical properties of meatballs now? One more mouse or gopher gets to go home to his family thanks to that wonderful gob of meat.


  6. Neil

    Nom Nom Nom…

  7. Adam


  8. Jeanette

    On top of old smokey, all covered with cheese, there sat a poor meatball, ’til somebody sneezed. It rolled off the table, and onto the floor, and then that poor meatball, became El Jeffe’s snack! nom, nom :)



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