Jeff chased lizards all over the stone wall, but they had too many hiding places.

Jeff' chasing lizards

Jeff' chasing lizards

Jeff' chasing lizards

Jeff' chasing lizards

Jeff' chasing lizards


  1. Adam

    Silly Jeff…chasin’ Brer Lizard into the briar patch…

  2. E

    You can run from the Orange DEATH if you want lizards but the sweet rest of the grave comes for everyone. You think you’re cold blooded? Jeff is Stone Cold!

    *black sabbath’s ironman plays*

  3. Jane

    Just bide your time Jeff, those lizards will drop their guard one day :)

  4. alex

    el jefe knows the lizards will taste that much better when they’ve been running scared!

  5. Phrostbyte

    Get em’ Jeff!!!

    …Jeff is awesome..

  6. Jeanette

    Man, we only have such creatures in pet shops here, and we pay to pay big bucks for them! Hard to believe El Jeffe can just chase them and crunch them down! Awsome!

  7. Maurice

    Lizards are good. Here in Wales we are worried hat there are flying lizards around. I once caught a lizard, and it was big and the tail stuck out of my mouth like a devil tongue. She made me drop it and I was not displeased as it did not taste good. Mice are better.



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