Partial list of inappropriate and/or stolen things Jeff has eaten in the past week:

  1. Banana bread, bites of
  2. Taco, bites of
  3. Seared ahi tuna, sashimi grade, sesame seed crusted, slice of


  1. Ray

    My old cat Squeaky used to love cereal and eggs. He was a real big fan of breakfast. Once he realized that the boxes on top of the fridge contained Honey Comb, he figured out a way of getting up there and knocking them over. Once on the floor, he’d tear into the treats.

    Things weren’t so great when he similarly reasoned that eggs come from the frying pan. Lil’ bugger burned the hell out of his paws.

  2. George

    My Orange cat Sumner is hooked on Doritos. He will pester you until you give him about 1/2 of a chip. I have a picture of him with his head stuck in a bag of Doritos.

  3. Angela

    slice of what?

  4. Roger

    Well, if you are going to eat fish, you gotta go Sashimi grade and Sesame encrusted…

  5. Douglas Muth

    The cat I grew up with (his name was “Disco”, which should have been a warning sign…) had the tendency to lick sticks of butter. If I was making toast and left the room for a minute, I’d return to find him on the counter licking away at the butter.

    He totally drove up our dairy bill. 😛

  6. martha

    Well the poor fella has to hunt something! So he’s now stalking the elusive wild banana bread…

  7. Jane

    Jeff is a cosmopolitan cat, a true sophisticado!

  8. Phil

    My childhood cat used to love olives and anything pickled. Olive brine was like catnip to him…he used to rub his face and head all over my briney fingers after I’d pick out a few olives for a snack. Does El Jefe like the olives?

  9. eric

    Jeff might also enjoy this link to a blog about a coyote and an orange cat named Eli. The photos are amazing.

  10. Micah

    El Jefe the connossieur.

    He is a handsome devil.

  11. Jeanette

    I think El Jeffe took them to use as bait.



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