It’s hot… but not too hot for killing.


  1. Adam

    Jeff = Bitey

  2. jane

    These gophers sure are dumb. Luckily, El Jeffe ensures that evolution rolls along, Darwin would be very proud.

  3. Patrick

    Awesome. No doubt by now the gopher community is well aware of the killing machine in their territory known as El Jefe. Always great to see him back in action!

  4. E

    Run! Little Meatball RUN! hahahahaha!

  5. Neil

    Did he eat this gopher? Worm risks abound…

  6. Staff

    Neil, we don’t let Jeff eat his kills now that he is a pampered house monster. We gently redirect his attention to a handful of treats while the remains are disposed of.

  7. Jeanette

    This is strangely exciting.

  8. Douglas Muth

    Keep on shredding, Jeff!

  9. Micah

    Shredder AND shedder. Summer is a’comin in…

  10. Angela

    Jeff is only “making you think” he is being distracted. I am sure he has a plan….

  11. Jeanette

    Hey, I’ll be the gophers at the old place are having a little gopher party with El Jeffe gone!

  12. Murrie

    1 week, 3 days….

    Still no sign of El Jeffe.

    Where has the supreme killing machine gone? ;-;

  13. Leslie

    Yay Jeff! I knew you still had it in you!



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