Rainbow String

Rainbow String

Rainbow String

Rainbow String

Rainbow String

Rainbow String

Rainbow String


  1. Tony

    Ah, frustration.

  2. Jane

    Nice to see Jeff keeps in training by killing the verminous rainbow string :)

  3. Micah

    The jaws and paws of death at play; Ingmar Bergman would love Jeff.

    Now all he needs to do is learn chess.

  4. martha

    Handsome Beast! I just love that kat!!!

  5. alex

    keep fit, el jefe! must have many, many more pics of luscious kills!

  6. Neil

    My ferociousness with string. Let me show you it.

  7. Jenn

    This is my first post. Me and my co-workers love El Jefe!
    We check up regularly to see what he’s up to. Go Jeff!

  8. Murrie

    Yay! Glad to see El Fefe has returned and ready to kill rainbows!

  9. Murrie

    And I apologize for misspelling “Jefe”.

  10. cary

    I’m glad to see Jeff supports alternative life styles by wearing the rainbow ribbon. Although… I had him pegged for a republican. Glad I was wrong.

  11. Jeanette

    Stick to gophers – they put up less of a fight . . . and taste better.

  12. Rahel

    “What’s up with this string stuff, dude? I wanna go out and kill me some breakfast!”

    Seriously: Jeff is gorgeous!



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