Jeff in tree

Jeff in tree

Jeff in tree

Jeff in tree

Jeff in tree

Jeff in tree


  1. Frankie

    Oh Jeff ….. you’ve slipped the surly bonds of earth!

  2. E

    Look at all you insignificant creatures below. Little do you know the great orange death “El Jefe” looks down….woop!woop!… almost fell….. Did anyone see?


    Puny helpless creatures…..

  3. Adam

    ceiling cat’s got nothing on jeffy sr.

  4. Adam

    he’s looking for more mango.

  5. Alex

    “Y’know…” he mused. “goin’ by the angle of some of those shots, someone had to be up there with him.”

  6. Angela

    Rock a bye Jeffy in the tree top……

  7. martha

    here birdie, birdie… I make U a sammich…

  8. jane

    Some of those branches look worryingly frail. But then again, most living things look worryingly frail when next to the mighty Jeff.

  9. Jeanette

    You Tarzan, me Jane . . . meow!

  10. Chuck Schick

    As they say in Apocalypse Now:


  11. Patrick

    He appears to still be amazingly nimble despite adding a few pounds, makes tree-climbing look like a cakewalk. Looks like he’s scoping out squirrel & bird hangouts for future massacres, heh.

  12. gork57

    Yes, El Jefe displays the miracle of feline balance as he ascends to look over his domain. He is the unquestioned master of all he surveys…



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