Jeff’s murderous instincts cast a wide net.

This is a bit of weed that was idly plucked from the lawn.

But if it’s waved around, Jeff will attempt to kill it just as if it were one of those infernal gophers.

Jeff vs. weed

Jeff vs. weed

Jeff vs. weed

Jeff vs. weed

The weed is dead. Jeff’s satisfaction is evident.


  1. jane

    A murderous ninja such as Jeff needs to keep his skills honed, ready for the moment when the gophers return.

  2. Adam


  3. Kanashimi

    O Mighty Hunter!!

  4. Chuck Schick

    Handsome and deadly. The 007 of the animal world.

  5. janine

    I just stumbled across this site. Jeff is so cute. I totally have a thing for orange tabbies, although I have a tiger tabby and a tuxedo cat.

    Maybe you can submit a pic to!

  6. Micah

    Ninjeff, indeed. (good idea, actually).

    He don’ need no stinkin’ mask-it’d mess up his fur.

    His paws are numchuks, his teeth are knives, his claws spread death.

    He’s also terribly handsome.

  7. Gregory Garduno

    Jeff revels in his moment of triumph.



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