A pot of catnip grows in our kitchen window.


Jeff greatly enjoys the occasional leaf plucked from this pot.

Jeff on Catnip

Jeff on Catnip

Jeff on Catnip

Jeff on Catnip
Jeff wonders where the hell his catnip went…


  1. jane

    What elegant restraint Jeff shows. Just one leaf is a bit tight though, c’mon staff, El Jeffe requires a good handful of leaves to fulfill his mighty psychedelic needs.

  2. Angela

    Jeffs a friggin stoner!!!!

  3. Rich

    Afterwards, he consumed 3 cans of catfood and a rodent.

  4. George

    My cat likes cat nip too.
    But afterwards.

  5. Sarah

    My, how big your pupils are Jeff!

  6. E

    “Aww man my paws are so HUGE!”

    Look at how dilated his eyes are. Keep on truckin’ Jeff.

  7. Adam

    jeff’s rollin’ himself a catnip fatty as we speak.

  8. Phrostbyte

    I figure he sold it to the homeless junkie cat down the street.. I think Jeff is a play’a! heh

  9. Frankie

    Jeff’s gone to K-K-K-Katmandu!



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