Southern California has been subjected to a heat wave the last few days, with temperatures over 100 degrees F.


Jeff seems to enjoy this, and insists on being outside all day long. When he gets too warm he relocates to a bit of cement that’s always shaded.

Jeff roasting

Though it doesn’t look like it, he will get up when we bring him a bowl of ice water.

Jeff roasting


  1. jane

    Jeff you are a real scorcher.

  2. Diana

    Ah, The Mighty One even has the weather cooperating for his pleasure! Kitty Spa and Sauna is now open, with the human staff trained to bring iced water. How about a catnip leaf garnish in that?

  3. Frankie

    The staff may decide to enhance Jeff’s pleasure by offering him some “Iced Nip Tea” rather than plain water.

  4. Angela

    Jeff, you are worshipped by the sun!

  5. Micah

    Living the Life of Jeff-prettiest little orange sherbet tummy- yet, still, the Paws of Death!

  6. DaisyMae Maus

    Oh, Jeff … We’re feelin’ your pain. We live in “sunny” San Diego (aka: the surface of the sun) an’ we’re toastifying, too. Mom ditched us for three weeks in Seattle where it’s been cool an’ comfy. We’re gonna put a serious bitey on her when she returns ‘cuz she left us with our grandparents who aren’t turning on the central air for us.
    Stay cool, dood!
    DMM and the Feline Americans

  7. Adam

    i has a hot.



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