Jeff has a large yard at his disposal. Naturally he needed to be in the one bit of it he’s not supposed to, so he wiggled under the netting into the vegetable patch.

Jeff in the garden

At least he didn’t eat anything while he was in there.


  1. Adam

    if you were a fuzzy woodland creature…this would be the last thing you would see before being torn asunder by dethkat. brutal.

  2. jane

    Jeff prefers they attractive shade of the vegetable patch. From there he can also carry out quality assurance on the salad. Perhaps a Jeff Flap could be built to save him the indignity of having to “wiggle” under the netting?

  3. Anonymous

    He probably used it as a litter box. Garden patches have the best dirt.

  4. Patrick

    I think El Jefe was secretly planting his own catnip crop in there, thus establishing his own supply line.

  5. Don Estorbo

    Sweess chard! my Faboureet!



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