The Staff fell ill over the weekend, and in his grace and benevolence Jeff granted us a sick day.

Jeff in the sick bed

However, he and his housemate Rita followed our progress very closely. With the dog also in attendance, space in the sick bed became a bit tight.

Jeff in the sick bed

Jeff in the sick bed

Jeff in the sick bed


  1. Adam

    he looks just like a chunky little angel :-)
    (don’t hurt me, jeff!)

  2. jane

    Poor Staff, I hope they are well now and back to attending to Jeff, Rita, Norman and nameless dog 100%. They might like to put in some extra effort to make amends for taking a sick day, or perhaps cook a whole, large chicken for the animals to share, by way of thanks to the mighty benevolent Jeff.

  3. Patrick

    Hahaha those photos are awesome. Gotta love how El Jefe is sprawled all over the orange blankie, too. They all look so comfy! Hope the Staff gets well soon, looks like you have some good company in the meantime.

  4. Angela

    Where is Normie?

  5. alex

    if Jeff was on Twitter, I’d follow (but he doesn’t seem the type.)

  6. the little fluffy cat


    You are VERY photogenic. Also large.


  7. Sarah

    Boy! Do these photos show Jeff’s huge factor!! I guess I forgot the “Giant” part of his name. And I agree with Alex–Jeff needs a Twitter account.

  8. Mairi

    I want Jeff!!!! I have to say, the writing on Jeff’s site(s) is great. Very, very entertaining.

    I’m glad he’s retired. The Jeffinator is well-deserving.



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