Chef Jeff

I see you are “cooking” over there.

Chef Jeff

I have some significant concerns regarding your technique. In addition, that food does not appear to be designed for my consumption.

Chef Jeff

Significant. Concerns.


  1. Jane

    As great as this tragedy is Jeff, do remember that the Staff have been unwell, so you might need to cut them a little slack. Not very much though. If a freshly cooked chicken hasn’t been presented to you within, say a couple of hours, call the ASPCA hotline.

  2. Patrick

    I’m guessing there was no salad or meatballs for El Jefe to indulge with…perhaps groundhog-on-a-stick would appease The Orange One?

  3. Adam

    Jeff haz them.

  4. Abby Normal

    I love your rapidly swivelling ear. You definitely look concerned–and rightfully so!

  5. Erika

    Jeff, you should speak with your stylist and makeup artist. The first order of business should be removing the “eye boogers” with a moist paper towel, especially for closeups.

  6. ellen the jeff lover

    He looks as handsome as a Johnes brother in these pics…




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