Jeff vs. spaghetti

Jeff can eat a whole noodle faster than the dog.


  1. Angela

    Well of course!! he is JEFF, and the dog is unnamed.

  2. Patrick

    LOL oh man.

    All your meatball are belong to Jeff?

  3. Adam

    savor the aroma…
    jeffy’s signature blend of herbs and spices.

  4. Jane

    I’m sure the benevolent Jeff allows the Staff to lick out the bowl when he’s finished eating.

    Nom Nom Nom!

  5. Micah

    Jeff may need to watch the starch-he has his figure to think of, not to mention the crunchy bones of his prior prey that probably helped any tartar problems.

    He’s a super cat-so glad he/you have the website!

  6. Don Estorbo


    Has El Jeffe ebber tried mango?

  7. Texas

    I hope the tomatos were wiped off first. My betternarian says tomatoes, onion, and garlic (all common sketti ingredients) are toxic to cats!

  8. chatte

    Jeff can eat spaghetti faster than Jeff can eat the dog??? (He does appear to be inhaling the spaghetti quite blissfully…what a great guy!)



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