Recently Jeff’s evening routine has included a nap in the bathroom. Following his dinner, he samples our dinners as usual, and then retires for a snooze on the bathmat.

Jeff in bathroom

Jeff in bathroom

In the event someone needs a shower before bed, they must remember tread carefully when exiting because El Jefe will not be moving out of the way.

Jeff in bathroom


  1. jane

    The Staff really ought to give this bathroom to Jeff on an exclusive basis. Jeff should not have to share. A larger bathmat might be in order too. How he suffers with such dignity (despite looking comfy as gorgeous) 😉

  2. Mike

    For scale, the followers of Jeff wish to know the dimensions of the bath mat.

    Not to offend the holiness of Jeff…

  3. Angela

    I am guessing that Jeff is a PERV…he is doing this to sneak a peak at the staff’s naughty parts!!!

  4. Brandon

    whoa Jeffs a fat and long cat fo’sho

  5. Eric Hollins

    How much does El Jeffe weigh?

  6. Adam

    want. bigger. mat.

  7. Neil

    Jeff. On a scale. Please.

  8. Anonymous

    alas, I’m also gaining weight in my old age, so I feel your pain Jeff!



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