Due to numerous requests, Staff weighed Jeff today. Accuracy is not absolute, as we employed the imprecise “weigh self, weigh self holding Jeff, do the math” method.

18.5 pounds / 8.4 kilograms

Jeff's weigh-in


  1. Kanashimi

    Jeffy!! Livin’ the Good Life!

  2. Adam

    Look out, Wilford Brimley…Jeffy’s gunnin’ for your job!

    Jeff: “I have diabeetus.”

  3. Estorbo

    Hey bro’! You weigh the same as me! We hab beeg bones, man…

  4. Cat Mom

    Oh dear, Jeff, you need to go on a diet! I’ve noticed lately that we can’t see your waistline.

    If the Staff needs help and advice on how to help you, tell them to go to http://www.catinfo.org and go to “feline obesity” on the right side.

    That’s what happens when you stop eating the bugs and lizards and voles and retire with carb-heavy kibble!

    Now Jeff, you really need to get back to work! Your kills are being superseded by Sammy, the Serial Killer Cat at http://www.sammythekiller.com He looks eerily similar to you… you sure the humans did that “little nip” job on you??? :-)

    You’re a beautiful boy, Jeff, and I love that cattitude of yours!

    Cat Mom

  5. Angela


    You need to ask “Frankie” how much Newman weighs. The answer will confirm that YOU are not the biggest Orange Cat!

  6. Frankie


    You are svelte by “Newman” standards. His wrestling road name is “Thunderpussy” …. as a sumo cat he tips the scales at 23 lbs.
    So 18.5 lbs is good fighting weight. Keep it up Killer!!!

  7. Sarah

    Jeff is barrel-chested, and, er, waisted. All the more to snuggle!!

  8. Neil

    “I’m not fat, I have a different life choice.”

    “I’m not fat, I’m big boned.”

    “I’m not fat, I just haven’t grown into my body yet…”

    “I’m not fat, I’m festively plump.”

    “I’m not fat, My Mom says I’m fluffy.”

  9. Jane

    Jeff, you are not fat, you are sturdy. Very sturdy.

  10. Micah

    Handsome Jeff! My boy Sabra the Siamese is about your weight, but has not kept his figure as well as you have. Sabra is definitely pouchy and paunchy around his lower abdomen. He wiggles and swings as he trots. Not a terribly lovely sight.

    Considering the only thing Sabra hunts is kibble, it makes sense. Also, Sabra and mom should attend GreedEaters Anonymous. We’re both challenged in this area.

    Thank you, Staff, for continuing to chronicle the lives of El Jefe.

  11. Bob Hardy

    My giant cat (now dead) was a 16 pound Himalayan. Aurora would get up on my chest when I got in bed. I would try to sleep with her nose about one inch from my nose. Does Jeff purr loudly? Aurora did. Bob

  12. Adam

    Fastest way to lose 20 pounds…drop Jeff. :-)



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