Staff made a cake today. Yellow cake with cream cheese frosting.


Jeff eagerly helped Staff clean up any and all leftover bits of frosting.

Jeff and cake

Because as we know, all food is appropriate for Jeff. Just ask him.

Jeff and cake


  1. jane

    One hopes that the Staff generously reward Jeff for the dishwashing he has done for them. Jeff just keeps on giving.

  2. Sarah

    Yum, yum staff! My Fangus (the Siamese kitteh) isn’t interested in sweets. Maybe that’s why he’s so thin.

  3. Rich

    I like how Jeff takes a nice deep drink of iced tea after his meal of frosting.

  4. Deb

    OK, this explains Jinormous Jeff’s size. I hope that the tea was unsweetened & decaffeinated! Thanks, Staff, for maintaining this quality website that entertains us with the Chronicles of the Awesome and Sometimes Rather Weird Behavior of Jeff the Giant Orange Cat! My cat Woobie sends a “hey, how you doin” from North Carolina to her West Coast relative.



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