This is a briefly unattended bagel from which Jeff licked all the cream cheese.

Jeff vs. bagel

This is Jeff digesting cream cheese.

Jeff vs. bagel

The end.


  1. Monika

    Now, I have the heart to write a comment! We ( two humans and two cats from Germany, a little bit unsure of our english) love Jeff and we look for news almost every day at both websites!
    Our cats prefer liver sausage and peppermint-tea!

    Love from Germany!

  2. jane

    Even whilst performing the elephantine task of digesting such a varied intake, Jeff manages to be the epitome of elegance an poise.

  3. Diana

    And just look at that satisfied smile on his face! El Jefe knows that the stolen snacks taste best!

  4. parapluie

    Je me reconnais dans ce chat…

  5. Patrick

    I’ve been on vacation and am catching up on El Jefe’s exploits…good to see he hasn’t slacked off in helping himself to any and all food while Staff is not looking! Hopefully the cream cheese went down well, he looks quite satiated.

  6. Frankie

    So ……. the Umbrella Lady likes her fromage a la creme aussi ???

  7. Neil

    Hopefully El Jefe is not Lactose-Intolerant…

  8. Micah

    Cream cheese frosting, cream cheese bagel-is there a pattern here? Hopefully there won’t be any new websites, e.g.

    El Jefe is a wonder, and a joy to behold. I, too, greatly enjoy the exploits and adventures of this retired killer.

    He makes short work of anything edible in his path.

  9. Angela


    That is a great suggestion for the staff. After all their job is to bring Jeff’s greatness to the world!!

    P.S. Life of Riley or Life of Jeff

    You decide

  10. Micah

    Well-IF Jeff’s upchuck were to have a website, he could conceivably be a prognosticator-emesis instead of entrails.

    Staff, perhaps a “rehash” of Jeff’s greatest kills might. in hindsight, have heralded some momentous occurrence in our world.




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