Staff guarded its most recent bagel closely; it was not left unattended for even a second. Unfortunately, when cream cheese is involved, what Jeff cannot steal with stealth and cunning he will take by force.

Jeff vs. bagel #2

Jeff staked out the bagel from the coffee table. When no cream cheese was forthcoming, Jeff leaned in and began taking swipes at it. Sometimes he hit the bagel, sometimes he hit the Staff.

Jeff vs. bagel #2

Jeff vs. bagel #2

Jeff daintily licked the hard-won cream cheese from his paw. Staff plans to eat future bagels standing up, or possibly hiding in the closet.


  1. jane

    The mighty power of a single claw pressing into a Staff finger, is all it takes.

    “eat future bagels standing up” hmm, imagine 20 claws embedded in the legs of the Staff, as Jeff hauls his epic self up their bodies to get at HIS cream cheese.

    Mutiny is not wise Staff, you know it.

  2. Diana

    Ok, Jane said it all – the Claws of Death/Jeff look pretty scary from close up. Staff, I’d just leave a bit of cream cheese on the floor as an offering and run to the bathroom to eat the bagel!

  3. Patrick

    El Jefe’s cheese addiction shall not be interfered with, it seems…Jane’s right, Staff’s liable to experience extreme acupuncture standing up while Jeff’s digs his way upward toward the prize. Ouch!

  4. Angela

    Why does staff not give his greatness all the cc he wants? Less painful for them and it will make Jeffie happy! That is what the world needs is a happy Jeff.

  5. Adam

    almost lost a finger…no joke.

  6. Sarah

    Jeff–be aggressive, B-E aggressive!

  7. Micah

    Poetry in motion-El Jefe-note the delicate curve both of paw and claw. A Black Belt in all that is graceful, ruthless and determined.

    Considering his love for the finer things in life, he may be a secret softy in his heart of hearts.

  8. Marie

    Awwwwww. You’re beautiful Jeffe!

  9. Deb

    GREAT photos of His Awesomeness in action. Give that fantastic feline a rub behind the ears on behalf of a far-away fan! PS – next time try eating a bagel while he’s curled up asleep somewhere.



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