Last night Jeff usurped the dog and seized control of the coveted couch blanket spot. Initially they were sharing, but as Jeff spread out the dog got squeezed until suddenly she was on the floor, forlorn.

Jeff takes the couch

Jeff takes the couch

Jeff takes the couch


  1. Matt

    This site, coupled with my own personal experience, has reinforced the observation that large orange male cats who have spent the first 3-8 years of their lives outdoors are the greatest animals on the planet.
    If only I could use this knowledge to do something other than decimate the world’s supply of fish, cream cheese and comfortable places to lay down….

  2. Patrick

    LOL oh man. He’s like King Conan finally sitting upon the throne, having decimated all opponents amidst the lamentations. Who shall oppose such orange authority? I don’t think even Crom would.

  3. Jane

    Well done Jeff, I’m sure the dog soon found somewhere else to lounge. I cannot imagine anyone but the Staff suffer in your house. You are looking particularly well in these shots Jeff and appear to have a new zesty, autumnal glow to your fur. It must be the cream cheese.

  4. Neil

    Dog has a role. It is a secondary one.

  5. Estorbo

    Bueno. Dargs belarng arn the floor.

  6. Deb

    I would not be surprised if in the first photo Jeff was snoring.

  7. Brandon

    Dogs role is so secondary it has no name.

  8. Anonymous


    …must…kill…fuzzy things…


  9. Evil Cat

    I want to snorgle those deliciious paws!

  10. Neil

    Upon further consideration, I have noticed that the order of precedence seems to be:
    1. Jeff
    2. Rita
    3. Norman
    4. Dog
    Staff, correct me if I am mistaken.

  11. Adam

    i can has norman blog?

  12. Patrick

    Neil: I noticed that as well, El Jefe is undeniably at the top of the chain of command…no doubt the others recognize his veteran killing machine status and are thus submissive (and rightfully so).

  13. Micah

    I love his pink paw pads. El Jefe really is the best orange cat out there!



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