Staff purchased a new cat comb that is purportedly the ultimate in undercoat removal and shedding prevention. Despite glowing reviews, Staff was skeptical.

The FURminator arrived today. Its magical powers surpass Staff’s wildest dreams.

The FURminator
Jeff is rather a fan of being Furminated, purring loudly throughout.

The FURminator
Jeff’s Furminations from only a few minutes of combing. Staff might need to weigh Jeff again after a few more rounds with the FURminator to see if we comb off any pounds.

The FURminator
Jeff has been Furminated into a relaxed puddle of de-shedded, nicely groomed bobcat.


  1. Diana

    This looks like El Jefe’s first major product endorsement! Will we see banners for Team Furminator soon?

    If Jeff loves it, I’m sure my girls will each want one for themselves!

  2. Patrick

    Lookin’ good, Mr. Jeff! I’m owned by 2 felines and they LOVE that thing…it really does work, as El Jefe confirmed. Just have to be careful with it against their skin, as the teeth on it are very sharp. Works especially good on those with longer fur.

  3. Neil

    How did Rita and Norman like it?

  4. Angela

    FURminator turned Jeff in the PURRinator. Go Staff! It is great that you are able to make His Greatness so HAPPY.

  5. Adam

    i can has jeff-wool sweater?

  6. Sarah

    His furballs look to be the makings for quality glove liner, yes?

  7. Deb

    You did save the combings, correct? That will be worth millions on eBay when Jeff becomes famous – even more famous, I predict, than Morris the Cat!

  8. Evil Cat

    Don’t comb him too much, or he could be reduced to Jeff the Medium Orange Cat!

  9. Jane

    Svae those Furminations, they’ll make a great stuffing for cushions!



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