Jeff wished to go out.

He attempted to communicate this to Staff telepathically, but was forced to resort to verbal commands.

Staff regrets the inconvenience.


  1. Neil

    My, what strange words you use, Jeff…

  2. Patrick

    bahaha!! You can totally see him attempting mind control and looking back up, until Staff does his bidding. Were there any ensuing fatalities of small, furry creatures?

  3. Micah

    Staff-door-staff-door. His gaze alone should be sufficient. However, sometimes it’s polite to ask verbally, and not simply presume.

  4. Sarah

    Oh the indignities he suffers.

  5. Lynn

    Staff was quite brave to not do Jeff’s bidding immediately.

  6. Ross

    Greetings from the servant of Osgood the Huge Tuxedo Cat! His Royal Catness has directed me to send Greetings and Salutations to Jeff. It is regrettable that Jeff must suffer from the less than perfect ministrations of his Staff. Osgood wishes Jeff well and reminds him that laying around all day bossing his servants is the height of Paradise. The lure of outside need not be indulged when one has everything he needs inside.

  7. carlox

    el jefe ha hablado.

  8. Jane

    Jeff is so polite. He’d have been justified in caterwalling his head off to get the attention of the clearly lazy Staff.

    Remember Jeff, a closed door is an abomination.



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