Jeff sleeping

Jeff sleeping

Jeff slept with one claw securing the blanket. Jeff is fond of the blue and green fuzzy blankets.

Jeff sleeping

Rita also had the sleepies.

Jeff sleeping

Jeff sleeping

Refreshed and ready to. . . . go back to sleep.


  1. Gandalf and Grayson

    Suddenly, we haz the sleepies.

  2. Matt

    The progression of frames makes it appear that Jeff is slowly cloning himself (the new clone’s fur hasn’t faded in the sunlight yet).

  3. Anonymous

    whos the other cat????

  4. Mike

    You seem to have a … thing with large orange felines.
    Just saying…
    I wish I could nap that well.

  5. Neil

    How long have Jeff and Rita been married?

  6. Ross

    Blankets are not a requirement of Osgood the Huge Tuxedo Cat; only the best chair in the house. One of his Royal blood does not sleep on the floor; this is sufficient for his servant only.

  7. Micah

    …Rita in her stripies, and Jeff the Great CAT
    had just settled down for a long autumn’s nap.

    Did Norman get in on the napping action?

  8. Jane

    It is a tragedy that, even in sleep Jeff feels the need to secure his favourite blankie. Someone needs to a criminal records check on Staff methinks!



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