Jeff with Cheesy Poofs

Jeff, would you perhaps care for a Cheesy Poof?

Jeff with Cheesy Poofs

Jeff with Cheesy Poofs

Yeah, Jeff wants Cheesy Poofs!


  1. Gandalf and Grayson

    We thought you meant your ears were the cheesy poofs! hahaha!

  2. Patrick

    There is no form of cheese El Jefe won’t consume…

  3. Jane

    I must congratulate Staff on purchasing “Organic Cheesy Poofs” for Jeff. However, the design on the bag is a little garish and apart from obviously clashing with Jeff’s beautiful orange fur, it might also offend his eyes. Please attend to this matter.

    Thank you.

  4. Angela

    Does Jeff like to eat them while watching South Park?

  5. Anonymous


  6. Ross

    Greetings from Osgood once again! He congratulates the Mighty Jeff in having trained his staff to hand feed him. One of his Royal Blood should always be fed in the upright position; it is for lesser cats only to eat on the floor. Be sure that all food fed to Jeff be warmed to blood temperature, to simulate the joy of the kill.

  7. eric

    I love the closed-eyed anticipation of pure cheesy bliss.

  8. Adam

    that last photo is pure BITEY bliss, my friend



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