Staff had a bit of practice yarn crocheted into the shell stitch. Jeff seemed interested in learning crochet himself. Staff thought this might be possible, as he has needle hooks built in.

Jeff crochets

Jeff crochets

Jeff crochets

However, Jeff quickly ripped out most of the stitches and declined to create any.

Jeff crochets

Jeff crochets

Jeff crochets

Jeff crochets

Staff could easily redo the stitches for Jeff to enjoy pulling out again, but might need to wait until the yarn dries. It became rather moist with bobcat drool.


  1. Gandalf and Grayson

    So, actually, Jeff Un-crochets!

  2. Estorbo

    Keell eed, hermano, keell eed!

  3. Micah

    Even if it isn’t alive, Jeff tears it dead.

    I’d love to see him unravel Rainbow yarn.

    He’s a cat of many talents-and can Undo what has been Done-but it doesn’t make him Undone.

  4. Adam

    crocheting = owned.

  5. Jane

    Bobcat drool is a fine finish to a yarn, that yarnophiles would pay handsomely for.

  6. Ross

    Osgood congratulates Jeff on his wide variety of interests. Obviously Jeff is a Renaissance cat, a bon vivant who is at ease at whatever he attempts. Osgood’s interests are less encompassing, including eating, sleeping, eating, laying around, and, oh yes, eating.



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