After dinner Jeff and Norman converged on the rug.

Jeff and Norman

This appears to be an everyday type of occurrence, but actually it was startling. Norman is a scaredy cat, as it were, and so spends most of his time hiding:

Norman in the closet

So, Staff was quite surprised to see Norman and Jeff just hanging out.

Jeff and Norman

Jeff and Norman

Perhaps this is a testament to Jeff’s irresistibility. Staff hopes Jeff isn’t recruiting the other cats for some kind of clandestine operation.


  1. Gandalf and Grayson

    Suspicious much? Do you really think Jeff is planning a takeover. OK, well maybe we overheard something about the food cupboard…

  2. Mike

    Norman isn’t hiding, Norman is recruiting the coats for El Jefe. By way of fur, apparently.

  3. Micah

    Cat version of parallel play-of the same environment, but not in it together. Cats seem to have perfected this activity.

    Norman is lovely-but certainly outsized by the Orange-Ochre Crew of Jeff and Rita. He may have a bit of a complex.

  4. Patrick

    Hmm, I wonder if Norman is jealous of El Jefe’s online fame and angling for his own site? That’s how it starts :)

  5. jw

    norman sees no reason to be a scaredy cat now. he has the mighty el jefe as a body guard.

  6. Jane

    I see Norman has discovered the all encompassing safety of Jeff’s orange glow. Today the edge of the rug, tomorrow your bed.

  7. Adam

    they are conspiring to build another cat out of furminator raw materials…

    we can rebuild him…we have technology!

  8. Bob Hardy

    There was a cat who lived about three blocks away. It was a major trek over fences and around dogs, but “Max” would make the trip every day just to lie next to our cat. They weren’t even looking at each other!



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