Saturday brought the first rain Southern California has had in quite awhile. This did not deter Jeff from demanding to go outside. When he came back in a short while later, towel-drying was necessary and wet footprints were left all over the kitchen.

Jeff's wet feet

Jeff's wet feet

Jeff purred enthusiastically during towel-drying, as if it were some kind of spa treatment.


  1. Jane

    Those pawprints are worth huge amounts of money you know.

  2. Gandalf and Grayson

    Can’t we be towel dried without the wet part?

  3. Evil Cat

    We are pleased you finally got some rain, but relieved it didn’t rain on our visit to SoCal. But it was very foggy in the mornings!

  4. Patrick

    I like how you can still see El Jefe’s rear talons when he’s just standing there, even though they are retracted. Did he get Furminated post-toweling?



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