For those following the Southern California fire news, all is well at the House of Jefe. The Marek Fire is pretty close to our area, but the Santa Ana winds have pushed it in the opposite direction and so far its movement has been away from us. Staff monitored the situation all day, and fortunately thus far there has been no cause for alarm in our location.

Marek Fire

Jeff was given periodic status updates and took the information under advisement.

Jeff The Giant Orange Cat sleeping


  1. Evil Cat

    that’s good to know – we were wondering about all our cat friends in SoCal. Jeff looks really worried – – – NOT.

  2. Jane

    I’m very glad you are all safe.

  3. Gandalf and Grayson

    Yup, Jeff has got it all well in hand.

  4. Judie

    Scary! We’re glad to hear it’s turned away from your area, we read in the news how much it’s spread. Good thing you’ve got Jeff ready on standby mode, conserving energy :)

  5. Micah

    Casa El Jefe. Glad to hear all is well, no singed fur or painful paws. Jeff looks very much in control. Reminds me of Charlie Brown…”they’ve finally developed a boneless cat”.

    Stay safe!

  6. Don Es

    El Jefe – theenk abou’ all the barbecued mize thad weell be made por you een the fire!

  7. Patrick

    El Jefe will step out there and stare down the fire until it submits to his awesomeness.

    Seriously, though…thanks for the update, glad to hear things are OK for now. I’m guessing Norman’s hiding in the closet?



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