The dog has a blanket on the couch; it’s her customary place.

Since the weather has cooled off, Jeff has an increased fondness for blankets. This morning he decided he liked the couch blanket.

Jeff's couch

The dog had been on it at the time.

Jeff's couch

After the dog had been banished, the blanket scene heated up further when Rita arrived to investigate availability.

Jeff's couch

Couch blanket demand, it seems, greatly outpaced supply.

– – – – –

EDIT: Staff will respond to several questions submitted by commenters:

Do you have a couch for your Mom?”
– Jeff generously permits Staff to use any furniture he is not currently using.

It’s time for Staff to go blanket shopping.
– Staff stocks many blankets and distributes them widely. Staff has concluded that there will never, ever be enough blankets.

Where is Norman, and does the dog have a name?
– Generally Norman is hiding in the closet or burrowed under a blanket. He appears each evening promptly at dinnertime to ensure that Staff is on schedule.
– Staff calls the dog Hazel. Staff is not aware of Jeff acknowledging the other creatures by name.

Is Rita Jeff’s sister or girlfriend?
– Neither. Their relationship is best categorized as frenemies.


  1. Gandalf and Grayson

    It does look very comfy cozy! Do you have a couch for your Mom?

  2. Micah

    Supply-side blanket economics? Doing what’s fair? Will that work in today’s world? Only Jeff can tell…

    It’s an affirmation of the dog, however; Jeff likes the way she scents the blanket, or he wouldn’t deign to stay there once he’s kicked her out.

    Stay safe!

  3. Jane

    It’s time for Staff to go blanket shopping.

    Actually I remember seeing that Staff have many blankets on their bed. This is excessive and greedy of the Staff. These blankets need deploying to the sofa immediately.

    Staff can keep warm by running around tending to Jeff and his posse.

  4. Adam

    if there were two blankets…jeff would just stretch out to use both. truth.

  5. Neil

    Where is Norman, and does the dog have a name?

    Is Rita Jeff’s sister or girlfriend?

  6. Patrick

    That third photo is classic. El Jefe slumbers in comfort, everyone else has to make do with whatever space is left, and without blankie. He seemed completely unfazed by Rita’s sniffing around, too!



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