This morning Jeff was swiping at some yarn and accidentally snagged his claw in a Staff finger. After recovering from the ensuing swelling and blood loss, Staff determined that Jeff must have a claw trim.

Naturally Staff avoids any activity that Jeff might dislike. However, while Jeff dislikes claw trimming in fact it is the lesser of two evils; if Jeff inadvertently kills Staff, there would be no one to prepare Jeff’s dinner.

Jeff gets a claw trim

Jeff was most cross, and a wrestling match began.

Jeff gets a claw trim

Staff was eventually able to snip the sharp points off most of Jeff’s doom talons. A pile of treats was offered in hopes of earning forgiveness.

Jeff gets a claw trim


  1. Jen

    did it work? Has His Majesty forgiven staff yet? or have you been treated to a prime view of his back & a flicking tail.

  2. Anonymous

    he looks MOST displeased in that middle picture. He’s bitter that his right to bare claws has been violated.

  3. martha

    I am most glad that Jeff let staff live! He must have been feeling a wee bit benevolent after all…

  4. Jane

    I believe that forgiveness may be a long while coming. Jeff will have some pay back planned for this gross indignity that Staff have forced upon him.

    Note to Staff: Ripped fingers soon heal. Jeff’s dignity may not.

  5. Micah

    El Jefe endorses the FUR-minator; how about “pedipaws”, a tool that “buffs” away those annoying sharp pointed claws without any snipping. perhaps a good Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday present?

  6. Angela

    Micha, great idea for Staff, because we cannot buy a product that Jeff does not approve.

  7. Gandalf and Grayson

    Treats was a good move! Staff is very, very brave! Mom has ‘people’ for that kind of Staff Stuff – you know, the kind of Stuff she doesn’t want to do.

  8. Evil Cat

    Staff must be very brave to cut the Claws of Death.
    We are humbled.

  9. Thomas

    You should not trim a cats claws like that. The problem is when he tries to climb or just sharpen his claws on the couch he will break them off or splinter them down into the part that will hurt and bleed. It is OK for dogs but not cats.

    Staff Note: Staff follows the directions provided by The Humane Society.



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