Staff arrived home on Friday afternoon and let the dog out as usual. Decidedly not as usual was finding Jeff waiting to come in at the back door.

After inspecting Jeff (fine, though dirty), Staff inspected the house and found the screen in the bathroom window had been popped out.

Jeff escapes

The other cats were present and accounted for, apparently lacking the courage to follow El Jefe out the window.

Jeff escapes

Jeff supervised as Staff applied a high-tech fix to prevent future breakouts.

Jeff escapes

Naturally this will only be effective until Jeff evolves opposable thumbs and/or a prehensile tail.


  1. Jen

    ooh that 2nd picture makes me want to scoop him up & kiss him on the head!

    I do realize that El Jefe would not appreciate such displays, but I can’t help myself.

    Does he ever allow Staff a cuddle or two?

  2. Thomas

    That window is really dirty.

  3. jw

    perhaps you should check the neighborhood for signs of an el jefe killing spree.

  4. Sarah

    Seriously staff? He could easily twist and pull that off with his savvy mind and strong jaw but likely won’t as he’s not one to prove a point. I’m sure he’s thinking, let them believe they’ve got me beat. Clever boy.

  5. Adam

    that cat is born to be wild.

  6. Gandalf and Grayson

    Gran escape, El Jefe!

  7. Angela

    I wonder how many critters lost their life, only Jeff the Ripper knows.

  8. Jane

    Too late, he already has them both. He just hasn’t told Staff.

  9. George

    My first Orange cat figured out how to hook the spline in the screen with his claw and then unzip the screen. He worked this out when he was to remain inside under Vet’s orders while he healed. That was a tough week.

  10. Evil Cat

    Can you give me any escape tips? I can’t reach the bathroom window!

  11. yochannah

    Hmmm, if I was a cat I’d try scritching the screen open…

  12. Roger

    El Jefe is indeed a feline Houdini. I doubt even the technical solution staff has come up with will prevent his future escape.

  13. Micah

    ElJefe-modern day McCavity, the Mystery Cat (“he’s called the Hidden Paw”)-Old Possum would have had a field day with El Jefe, “the fiend in feline shape” who does defy the law-who is his own law, more-like.

    What a marvelous Adventurer he is!

  14. jen

    Hope you guys are safe & away from the fires :(

  15. Brandon

    The big question here is…What did Jeff kill?

  16. Emily

    I love orange cats! My old Weensy (Weener, Halloweeny, Bad Cat), may he rest in whatever way he chooses (peacefully probably wouldn’t be it), used to escape and then sit quietly behind my neighbors house while watching us search for him with flashlights all over the backyard.



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