Only Jeff can turn a leisurely afternoon outdoors into a bloodbath.

Click here for the gory details.


  1. Monika

    All mice, which counted on jeffs retirement, must now face with their fail! Nothing is save forever! Jeff, you are still the greatest!

  2. Evil Cat

    Congratulations! Now can you come over to my house and rid me of these noisy birds? They interrupt my naps with their constant screeching!

  3. Nickerbold/ole Europe

    Still El Jefe The Killing Machine? Grand Ol´ Jeff doing a good job on the small species. —-
    What about the fire storms in California near L.A.? Does the actual one trouble your neighbourhood? Good wishes to you from Europe´s Big Orange Troubleseeker (i.e. Nicki the hillbilly farmhand) and (his) Staff!

  4. Sarah

    Glad to see Jeff hasn’t lost his edge. Bravo!

  5. Patrick

    Magnificent kill, El Jefe! So glad to see you haven’t lost your matchless killing skills. It’s been awhile, eh? Gave me a good Monday morning laugh. Hope you & Staff aren’t in any fire danger.

  6. Jane

    Very well done Jeff. It’s good to see that you have not lost your touch.

  7. Adam


  8. Micah

    What a lovely kill! Celebration is in order.

    Hope you are all safe from these new fires. Can’t have any fur loss outside of that which is FURminated.

  9. Angela

    Looks like the RIPPER nibbled on the dead mouse. Does this mean he will need to be de-wormed, again?

  10. Don Es

    I yam so forgheen’ jealous.

  11. El Tigre Diablo

    I’m am in awe of Jeff’s hunting skills.

  12. Brandon

    Yay some “old school” Jeff!

  13. Micah

    B. Kliban would have loved Jeff: past poster he designed/drew had a tiger cat, singing

    Love to eat them mousies/Mousies what I love to eat
    Bite they little heads off/Nibble on they tiny feet.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jeff, Rita, Norman, the Dog, and Staff from
    Micah, Sabra and Molly!

  14. Patrick

    Happy Thanksgiving, El Jefe & Staff! Perhaps he will venture outside and bring down a pigeon or two to feast on, no basting necessary. He might enjoy some gravy on ’em, though :)



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