Jeff at the vet

The entire furry family was carted to the vet on Saturday. They were poked, palpated, injected, and their blood was stolen. Jeff maintained his composure, but he clearly is not a fan of travel in the cat carrier.

Jeff at the vet

Everyone got an A on their blood tests. The bad news was that Jeff has gingivitis; apparently during Jeff’s previous life in the wild, he was not diligent with his dental care. Therefore Jeff will return to the vet Wednesday for a professional teeth cleaning.


  1. Micah

    I feel his pain. As a veteran of many dental procedures, I know the indignity. Also, Molly has had a hand scale which she didn’t enjoy, BUT her breath is much better now.

    No more decomposing body death breath-now more like fresh tuna.

  2. Sarah

    The face looking back from the cat carrier clearly belongs to that of an animal seeking revenge. Watch for poop under your pillow.

  3. Thomas

    Jeff looks very angry and seems to be plotting revenge.

  4. Adam

    you’re going to have to put jeff on a handtruck complete with hannibal lecter facemask when you take him back for his follow-up visit.

  5. Angela

    Not a fan…he looks pissed!

  6. Jane

    You need to get out and chew on some bones and ligaments Jeff once the vet has sorted out your gums. You will probably be able to do this without going outside, judging by your expression, Staff have bones and ligaments as well as gophers. But you knew that.

  7. Gandalf and Grayson

    Oh, we do not like teeths or teeths cleanings! We are very sorry you have to get your teeths cleaned, Jeff.

  8. Roger

    Staff shall regret this. El Jefe does not forgive.

  9. Evil Cat

    now THAT is the face of evil! again, I am humbled by your awesomeness.

  10. Monika

    Poor Jeff! Staff should do something to apologize after the professionel teeth cleaning. But Jeff knows: With clean teeth and a fresh breath the next kill will be more deliciouse!

  11. Patrick

    @Adam: LOL. Agreed, Staff should take extra precaution for El Jefe’s return visit. Hiring some additional security wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. Glad everyone checked out OK! Hauling multiple critters to the vet is always quite an undertaking.



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