El Jefe went for his dental cleaning as scheduled. All went well; no extractions were needed. The vet staff commented on Jeff’s excellence throughout his visit, natch.

Jeff was extremely relieved to be retrieved by Staff, and to exit the carrier at home. He then performed a slightly woozy inspection of the house and Staff as follows:

1) Walk through living room to bedroom and back, meowing randomly
2) Stop intermittently to urgently lick IV bandage
3) Jump onto couch and solicit petting
4) Jump down and resuming walking/meowing path
5) Repeat

Apparently the bandage was a source of extreme annoyance, so Staff cut it off.

Jeff after the dentist

Jeff after the dentist

With the bandage off, Jeff settled down on the couch.

Jeff after the dentist

His eyes were a bit gummy, his manner a bit loopy, but his teeth have never been cleaner.

Jeff after the dentist


  1. Jane

    Welcome back Jeff, what an ordeal. Now you can go and try out your shiny teefs on Staff. The fangs will sink into the flesh quicker and more cleanly now they are shiny, thus making revenge swift and deadly. As it should always be.

  2. Micah

    Once the Fentanyl wears off…beware!

    He’ll undoubtedly run his tongue over his newly pearly whites, and thank Staff.

    In your dreams!

  3. Patrick

    Congrats to Staff for accomplishing the mission with all limbs intact, El Jefe looks a little down for the count but I’m sure is grateful to have his killing tools polished & shiny.

    Way to be a trooper, Jeff! Now go soil those clean chompers with some mouse & mole massacres. No mercy!!

  4. Sarah

    Jeff, you’re such a champ! Time to start layering those fangs with rodent goo!

  5. Evil Cat

    Show us the Fangs of Death, please!

  6. Adam

    jeff looks like he scored some BAD NIP in photo four.

  7. A Few Good Cats

    Hello Jeff, we just got here from a link at EveryCat. You’re quite a handsome giant orange cat, and as formerly homeless cats ourselves, we admire the way you adopted your current ownees/staff. It’s obvious you chose well.

  8. Estorbo


  9. ellen

    not kidding …. this is exactly what I was going to say!

    well done jeff!



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