Jeff sacked out on the bed this afternoon, trying to soak up the last bits of sunshine.

Jeff with Norman under blankets

Norman, however, has another method of staying toasty; burrowing under the covers. Jeff slept right next to Norman Lump, seemingly unaware of Norman’s presence.

Jeff with Norman under blankets

Perhaps in the future it will be cold enough to drive Jeff under the covers, but thus far Norman has it all to himself.

Jeff with Norman under blankets


  1. Adam


  2. Patrick

    LOL. I think Norman’s got the upperhand on El Jefe in this situation, he knows where it’s warmer. Or perhaps Jeff is just shrugging off the chill and leeching warmth off of Norman…glad to see this wasn’t a health-related mystery lump!

  3. Emily

    You only think Jeff was unaware of Norman Lump. Actually, he was laying seige.

    P.S. I always see little yarn balls in your picture. I used to leave them around the house for my ‘Mo who liked to do yarn art with them – until I found out it costs about $1300 to remove 20 feet of yarn from ‘Mo’s intestines.

  4. E

    Norm doesn’t have the natural “insulation” that Jeff has and has to get under covers for warmth. Its rained pretty heavy in SoCal today so things might have changed.

  5. Nibbles mom

    Better hope Norm doesn’t start dreaming about birds and twitching and convulsing. My cat Nibbles sleeps under the covers and when she starts twitch dreaming her step-brother Church pounces on her.

  6. Jane

    Jeff is actually training Norman to keep that bed cave cosy for him, should the temperature take a nose dive and Jeff require an instant heat fix.

    So far Norman is doing a very good job. Well done Norman.

  7. Micah

    Still life with Bobcat and Mystery Lump. Norman’s got a good gig-Undercover but on the alert. Jeff appears above it all.

  8. Abby Normal

    But…. but….. but, Jeff… I see your fur is fluffed. And that means it is cold. You have it better than you know!

    Abby Normal



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